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Because my reading list still isn’t long enough: More Best ofs

Another great end of the year wrap-up, this time from After Ellen. A few titles will be very familiar, like ROOM by Emma Donoghue, but some I am seeing for the first time, including IF YOU FOLLOW ME by Malena Watrous (Harper Perennial).  … Continue reading

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Book to Film: Lesbians in Action

I’m not sure how I missed Hemingway’s “sensational” posthumously published novel Garden of Eden but I don’t intend to miss the film version starring Mena Suvari. In typical Hemingway fashion, the novel features a struggling young writer, disillusionment, and thwarted love. … Continue reading

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My favorite nonfiction read of the year: Empty Without You

Since I mentioned my favorite novel of the books we’ve read in the reading group this year, it seems only fair to mention my favorite work of nonfiction: EMPTY WITHOUT YOU: The Intimate Letters of Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok, … Continue reading

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More of this: what writers are reading

This is my kind of year end round up as I love knowing what writers are reading (or who their touting): Band of Thebes asked 80 authors to select their favorite glbtq books of 2010 and while there were lots … Continue reading

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New York Times 100 Notable of the Year: Where are the lesbians?

It’s that time of year when everyone starts posting their “best of” lists. For better or worse, The New York Times Book Review’s list of the 100 notable books of the year is one of the most anticipated. It remains one of … Continue reading

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Portia vs Ricky: surpassing the celebrity coming out memoir

So far it looks like Portia is winning this bout with her new memoir UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS (Atria 2010) ranking consistently higher on the NYT bestseller list for the same number of weeks. But Ricky’s ME (Celebra 2010) is probably within … Continue reading

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