Book to Film: Lesbians in Action

I’m not sure how I missed Hemingway’s “sensational” posthumously published novel Garden of Eden but I don’t intend to miss the film version starring Mena Suvari. In typical Hemingway fashion, the novel features a struggling young writer, disillusionment, and thwarted love.

In not-so-typical fashion, the novel features a seductive Italian lesbian and a three-way love affair (and the third isn’t a bottle of gin). The book has been pretty thoroughly dismissed (Hemingway labored over it for 15 years) and so has the film, but as the temperature plummets, I am more than willing to give this sultry number a chance (I guess Hem only disliked those mannish lesbians).

And, I wish I could give this marvelous BBC miniseries a chance! My girlfriend stumbled upon The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister (ok, she stumbled upon Garden of Eden, too. I am pop culturally challenged) and I am thoroughly disappointed that it’s not airing in the States yet. A nineteenth century woman able to love women and live her life? I’m all in. Check out the trailer and I think you’ll be petitioning the BBC too:

At least we have the diaries to read in the meantime.

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