Every Time You Point: Feminist bookstores, Carrie Brownstein, and Portlandia

It’s been one of those weeks. After cursing the skies for much of it, I needed a laugh and, no, that rude boy taking a tumble on the ice in front of the coffee shop wasn’t going to cut it. Enter, Portlandia, a six-part original comedy series on IFC created, written by and starring Fred Armisen of SNL and Carrie Brownstein of…if I have to fill in that blank, consider your lesbian and/or indie rock membership card revoked. Who knew Carrie Brownstein had a sense of humor? That woman can rock and is super smart (she’s working on a book titled The Sound of Where You Are for Ecco) but holy hilarity, now she’s pretty much the complete package.

For anyone who has ever entered a feminist/radical/socialist/activist bookshop: enjoy.

Now, a shout-out to Bluestockings, our local activist bookstore (it was specifically feminist at one point but then there was regime change. go figure). They’ve grown from a lightly, and haphazardly stocked bookstore into a thriving, vibrant community center and bookshop with a knowledgeable staff willing to reach the high shelves for your book of choice—even if you dare point to it. Excuse me while I now put my wallet where my mouth is and go there and make a purchase.

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