Desert Hearts and Huntress: Jane Rule and Malinda Lo on Love

For those of you reading Desert of the Heart and/or eagerly anticipating our movie field trip to IFC to watch the movie Desert Hearts next week, a few links you may find interesting.

1) Some very good insights into the book from a reader, especially many of the allusions that sailed right over my head (except for “The Second Coming,” I haven’t read much Yeats ), and the movie. I think we will have much to discuss!

2) A recent review from a Canadian publication.

3) And, Rules’ New York Times obit. That last sentence explains a lot to me about one element of the book that stuck out the most: the representation of coupledom and especially marriage as downright grim to depressingly laughable. I can be jaded but talk about stacking the deck to hammer a point home.

Moving from hammers to arrows, Malinda Lo’s Huntress (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers) has released! Ash (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2010) was a favorite of mine from last year and I think I am one of the crowd when I say the best part of that book was the Huntress. This isn’t a pre-quel exactly but this story fills in the blanks on the history of the Huntress through the dangerous quest of two 17 seventeen year old girls. Love, young and tragic, ensues. Sold.

According to the Publishers Weekly starred review “Lo’s storytelling and prose are masterful, and her protagonists will fascinate … . As with Ash, Lo’s characters are emotionally reserved, which makes the unfolding of romance between Kaede and Taisin all the more satisfying.” From what I read in Ash, I don’t doubt it (though I could use with a little more kissy kissy).  A good interview with her on coming out, censorship, and writing here and with PW.

PW also said that “fans of Garth Nix’s Abhorsen trilogy will love this.” Sabriel came highly reccommended to me but I couldn’t get into it. Maybe it’s time to try again….after Game of Thrones! Needless to say my Lambda Literary Awards Challenge is on hold for at least 2 weeks. Just Kids will have to wait…Winter is coming.

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