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Are Publishers Ignoring Lesbian Writers?: Or, Why Do We Need Mainstream Publishing Anyway?

In her Washington Blade piece, “Publishers Ignoring Lesbian Writers,” Julie R. Enszer, raises an oft heard lament—there isn’t a lot of lesbian literature being published by mainstream publishers:      “While there is much to celebrate in queer literary culture, there is … Continue reading

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“May you sleep on the breast of your delicate friend:” Sappho

It’s truly amazing to me that any of Sappho’s words have managed to make their way to us from the sixth century BC. Heck, my paperbacks from 5 years ago have weak spines and yellowed pages and yet these papyrus … Continue reading

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To make a point of themselves: The gay lit debate

First, check out our facebook page—like it, chime in, spread the word. “Any definition that limits us is deplorable,” Edward Albee said in his acceptance speech at the Lammy Awards. And I agree. But it was uncomfortable to hear “gay” … Continue reading

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