Ten Powerful Lesbian Authors: Or, the classics of our time

If you are a passionate and voracious reader like me then you’ve felt that overwhelming compulsion to just keep reading as dinner gets cold, twilight turns to midnight, and your to-do list becomes a not-until-I-finish-this-book list.

I’ve had that kid under the covers with a flashlight feeling for the past few months as I’ve been racing my way through George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire Series (Game of Thrones is the first book in the series)–all 3000 plus pages with the fifth volume on-sale this Tuesday. There’s not much lesbian content to be had though if you watch the HBO series check out episode 7 (has no one clipped that brothel scene on youtube?!?!).

I am excited to read Huntress by Malinda Lo for book club on July 18th though it’ll be tough to tear myself away from Westeros.  Otherwise, I haven’t heard or seen much on the lesbian lit front to get me excited recently. Seems I’m not alone, alas. But in the spirit that everything old is new again and any book is new if I haven’t read it, a shout out to some of the lesbian authors I have most read and most loved courtesy of Curve.

And Sapphire does have a new book out, The Kid, about Precious’s son from Push. Not a beach read I’m sure but powerful summer reading for sure. What’s on your summer reading list?

Ok, back to A Feast for Crows…..


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2 Responses to Ten Powerful Lesbian Authors: Or, the classics of our time

  1. mstiptress says:

    I just blew thru Rage: A Love Story by J. Peters..

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