“An old crappy dyke with half a brain leaking a book.”: Eileen Myles, Inferno

I’m slightly abashed but I am developing a bit of a crush on Eileen Myles. Or at least the Eileen Myles that emerges from the pages of Inferno. I know, I know, join the club! What’s actually kind of wonderful about it though is that I am usually so jaded about who those too cool for school lesbians like (sorry, Michelle Tea) that I was very much inclined not to like Myles. But I should know better (I’m really not 13, I promise) and let the work speak for itself and speak it did: vividly, thoughtfully, with jaded self-awareness, humor, grit and sex. Of New York, of becoming a poet, a person, and a lesbian, and yes, of that other Inferno (It’s been awhile but I was completely enthralled by Pinsky’s translation).  So, for those of you reading for the book club meeting on Monday, here’s a hit list of some reviews, materials, etc. and for those you not reading for the book club meeting on Monday, get a copy from OR books and just read it.

The official website

BookForum Review

Interview with We Who Are About to Die

Discussion at Autostraddle with some questions we should consider

Interview with The Rumpus

Now, pardon me while I head down to the East Village for what constitutes risky behavior in that part of town for me now: Indian food.

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