The Last Nude by Ellis Avery: So hot, it’s cool

I am thoroughly enjoying The Last Nude by Ellis Avery in anticipation of book club at the end of the month. I hadn’t really known much about the artist Tamara de Lempicka or her art before reading the novel based on events in her life. I think I’d only seen one or two of her paintings, like this one of a woman in a green dress, and thought it was cool….


but not hot like this one of Rafaela. ooh la la. Check out this essay of how Avery got the idea for the book. Brilliant.


Now, as some of you know I am a 1920s literary Paris buff. If you’re reading the book, you’ve probably noticed several other famous figures are mentioned by name including James Joyce, Sylvia Beach, Adrienne Monnier, Romaine Brooks and Guillaume Apollinaire but several have been given pseudonyms, some characteristics blurred, or are vaguely referenced. Trivia time! Can you give the real names of these characters?

  1. Anson
  2. June
  3. Bobby Nightingoul
  4. Bobby’s wife
  5. Bobby’s wife’s lover

(A hint for #5: she was a poet)

A drink at book club or a copy of A Moveable Feast for the first person to get them all!

Left: Tamara de Lampicka. If I wasn’t already feeling a bit dowdy after watching Downton Abbey (season finale on Sunday!), that dress sure put me right over the edge….

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