Up Next: Miseducation of Cameron Post

Since we’ll be talking about The Miseducation of Cameron Post on Monday, a few interviews and reviews to spark some conversation:

Malinda Lo on the book for NPR: “The Miseducation of Cameron Post, Emily M. Danforth’s debut, is a coming-out novel, but while it follows the formula’s general trajectory, it also transcends it and demonstrates why these stories still need to be told.”

Curtis Sittenfeld of Prep fame asks several good questions in an interview with Danforth on Slate, especially about her portrayal of the “de-gaying” camp.

Another good interview at the Daily Nebraskan. I love that she quotes Maurice Sendak. But, why is it that people never say, oh, that hero’s quest archetype is so overdone?

Just for balance I did try to find some more critical or negative comments on the book but didn’t come across any. If you have, do share them. I do think the book is well-written and raced through it, really enjoying the character of Cam, but I have to wonder if reviewers are being less than critical given the subject. Or, maybe it’s just that good. Looking forward to the discussion!

And the Lambda Awards were announced this week. I have read nil on this list which is pretty pathetic so I’d love to hear some recommendations. Autostraddle chimed in with what’s on their nightstand and even though I don’t read many short story collections anymore, I do think The Necessity of Certain Behaviors by Shannon Cain looks like one I’ll pick up soon. Otherwise, I do want to read Sheepish, Catherine Friend’s follow-up to Hit By a Farm. I do have a soft spot for these urban to rural-type memoirs. Fabulous Beekman Boys, anyone?

And, for all of the Eileen Myles fans out there—have you seen this?

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