Here are the Lesbian Writers: Novels, Erotic Thrillers, and More

After that shout out for lesbian writers, I was very excited to hear about the below 2 books. I haven’t read them because I don’t have an ereader (color me old-fashioned but I prefer paper to pixels) but I kinda wish I did now. If you read, let me know what you think! And keep the suggestions coming.

Salt Spray by Paula Napier (Kindle): Following the breakdown of her long-term relationship with her volatile partner Alex, famous crime writer Carrie Sinclair is exiled to the west coast of France to finish her latest novel. At a dinner party at the local village, she meets the beautiful Madeleine and is immediately captivated by her.

And one that really sounds up my alley: The Governess by Rachel Eyre (Kindle): An erotic thriller set in Victorian England. Miss Benson, a governess, is sent to teach Amy how to be a lady. Amy is discovering the joys of sex and suitors. Miss Benson’s unconventional methods lead to scandal, heartbreak and murder as she becomes obsessed with her young charge.

And I finally did read a book that’s been sitting on my shelf for years, literally: Red Azalea by Anchee Min.

I think I put it off because I’d heard such mixed things about it: not well written, not really lesbian, depressing. Well, all of those things are true but this book is greater than the sum of its parts and I couldn’t stop turning the pages. In part because it’s like watching a train wreck. Mao’s China is a brutal, ruthless, body, soul, and heartbreaking place but nothing can stop people from hoping and loving and I couldn’t stop hoping that somehow love would find a way. Yeah, I know, I am a hopeless romantic. The writing is raw and candid and confessional and perfectly matched the tone and mood of setting. It’s not a beach read, but I would recommend it.

We have book club on Monday to discuss Patience & Sarah that I am thoroughly enjoying. The voices are just pitch-perfect, especially when it comes to the rollercoaster of joy and insecurity that is a budding relationship no matter what century.

Thanks to M. who shared some fun video clips of the 1998 opera based on Patience & Sarah:

A clip from In the Life about the book and the opera

a clip on youtube of the most famous aria, “I Want to Live”:

Happy reading!

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4 Responses to Here are the Lesbian Writers: Novels, Erotic Thrillers, and More

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  2. Suzanne Stroh says:

    FYI my review of Lisa Cohen’s new biography of Madge Garland, Esther Murphy and Mercedes de Acosta is here: . I can recommend the book for your non-fiction readers.

  3. Suzanne Stroh says:

    My pleasure. I read Salt Spray on my Kindle. Not really my thing. I guess I would classify it as lesbian romance, a genre that I remember never really liking even when it seemed like the only available lesbian fiction. In that category I would give it two stars. Given the writing style I thought it implausible that the narrator was a Man Booker nominee working on her tenth crime novel. But a die-hard romance reader might not care about that.

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