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“For who will testify, who will accurately describe our lives if we do not do it ourselves?”: Recent Lesbian Memoirs

I’ve been on a memoir reading binge lately. Every time I turned around there seemed to be another lesbian memoir demanding my attention. Below is a list of my recent reads. Though they range in time (the 1950s to the … Continue reading

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Lesbian Lit Wish List 2013: And Party Like It’s Venice, 1713 at Masq

Sick of reading best of lists? So am I. Instead, I’m going to look ahead, to the books I’d like to read in 2013 (and beyond): 1. Eminent Outlaws, the lesbian version. If you haven’t read Christopher Bram’s excellent and marvelously … Continue reading

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If the purpose is connection, embrace digital: To Sinister Wisdom and any other heretofore-unknown lesbian journals I wish I could easily access

Lambda Literary recently interviewed Julie Enszer, the co-editor of Sinister Wisdom (awesome name!), the oldest surviving lesbian literary journal now celebrating 37 years of publishing. First off, who knew? I for one did not. I had never heard of this … Continue reading

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All We Know: “If you want the damn ball keep it, don’t throw it away.”*

How many books with lesbian subjects are reviewed—let alone glowingly reviewed—in mainstream publications as diverse as The New York Times Book Review, Wall Street Journal, WWD, The New Yorker, and Business Week? (And for a gem from across the pond, … Continue reading

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I Can’t Think Straight: End of Summer Lesbian Reads

Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences with e-readers and tablets. I decided to dive into the deep end and bought the most basic Kindle. It arrived about a week ago and so far I have read one novel on … Continue reading

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The Lesbian Lit is Online: To Buy or Not to Buy an Ereader?

After my post wondering where to find lesbian writers and their works, I was thrilled when several authors, like Paula Napier (Salt Spray) and Rachel Eyre (The Governess), let me know about their books. The problem? Their books are both … Continue reading

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Here are the Lesbian Writers: Novels, Erotic Thrillers, and More

After that shout out for lesbian writers, I was very excited to hear about the below 2 books. I haven’t read them because I don’t have an ereader (color me old-fashioned but I prefer paper to pixels) but I kinda … Continue reading

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